Mule Deer Foundation Award – 2017 Texas Taxidermy Association

I also won the Mule Deer Foundation Award again this year with the beautiful 1/2 lifesize mule deer! I have won this award every year I have taken a mule deer to competition now.

Competitor’s Award – 2017 Texas Taxidermy Association

I also won the Competitor’s Award again this year, which is the highest scoring 4 entries. Second time I have won this award. I won it with a Cape Buffalo Pedestal (97), Black Sable Pedestal (95), Elk Pedestal (90), and Lifesize Mountain Lion (86)! Three blue ribbons, and two Winner’s Ribbons in there! I’m still excited!

People’s Choice Best Professional Mount – 2017 Texas Taxidermy Competition

The cape buffalo pedestal also won People’s Choice Best Professional Mount. There were hundreds of entries this year and all the participants/members voted on this award. It really means a lot to be voted the best mount by all my peers. Texas has many world class taxidermists, and to be considered among them is an honor!

Best of Category Professional Gamehead – 2017 Texas Taxidermy Competition

At this years Texas Taxidermy Competition, I won Best Professional Gamehead with this Cape Buffalo Pedestal. It also recieved a Winner’s Ribbon, scoring a 97! Cape Buffalo are one of the most difficult animals to mount, and I had nothing but great reviews from all my peers. This is now the 3rd different Professional Category that I have won in the last 4 years (Gamehead, Whitetail, Small Lifesize).